Communication with a passion

Andy is a technical communicator who is passionate about technical publications, marketing and branding. Andy has worked on enterprise products in finance, engineering, network security and medicine in the Americas and Europe. Call him to see how he can help with your next project.

Cool stuff

On this site you will find examples of my work that I have produced as a contractor, freelancer and full-time employee.

Technical Marketing

I’ve produced and collaborated on sales, PR and marketing collateral for a variety of industries including corporate and product branding, information packages, PowerPoints, sales videos, posters, press releases, rewards programs, and identity pieces from lanyards to breath mints.

Business documentation

I’ve planned and created effective business documentation for companies in many sectors, and at all phases of deployment, from pre-commercial planning documents,  sales dockets, corporate communications, business plans, presentations and web sites.

Deft Design, Bold Branding

There’s always a new way of expressing an idea. And if Chinese food boxes can help communicate that idea to the customer, so be it.

Technical Writing

I have authored and co-authored installation guides, user manuals, technical videos, on-line help, posters and many other kinds of educational materials. With my experience as a reporter, technical author, photographer and illustrator, I develop each project using whatever best communicates the content.

Sound and Vision

Communication means more than merely the written word, it means audio and visual presentation. I’ve scripted, storyboarded and produced effective audio-visual lessons for clients.


Hands on by myself, or by overseeing technical artists, I can create graphics that explain complex ideas clearly and compellingly.


Sometimes a picture is worth 1,000 words. Photography is one of my passions and it has proved useful in both the business world, and journalism. Product photography can also be the basis for illustrations and animations.


Though it’s been a few years since I was a reporter, I still can’t give up documenting the human condition. Visit the Samples page to see more.